#103 | How can nonprofits better prepare founders for letting go?

Much of my conversation with Jonathan was reminiscent of my own experiences with a founder who struggled to let go and, as a result, made it especially difficult for me and others to mature in our respective leadership roles. Jon and I have both experienced first-hand what it's like to assume leadership from someone who is very resistant to letting go. Just as I recall from our first conversation, Jonathan once again shared very thoughtful insights into how an organization can best prepare itself for leadership change. I shared my appreciation for the process that was required of our local parish and how we readied ourselves for a new rector.

My conversation with Jonathan raises the question of how nonprofits can be more proactive about ensuring their founders’ readiness for letting go and whether an outsider, someone like Jon, could be of assistance during such an especially critical period of change.

As a former pastor of multiple churches of various sizes and an entrepreneur who knows the nitty-gritty of startup work, Jonathan brings 18 years of nonprofit leadership experience to the team at ThinkingAhead.

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