#104 | Are leaders aware of the dynamics at play in a conversation?

My conversation with Paige raises the question of how aware we are of the backdrop that informs those we work with. Whether we are talking about generational differences, gender roles, or a host of other distinctions that make each of us unique, it is important in today’s marketplace that we pay close attention. It was evident that Paige has payed close attention to those who have gone before her, observed how they managed to do their job well, and made note of the strengths that she wants to to be admired for when the time comes for her to “graduate” to another phase in life.

I really appreciated Paige’s suggestion that we should be willing to take risks on young people, not stand in their way, and let them try things even if they might fail. I also appreciated Paige’s suggestion that leaders find the right place for having a meaningful conversation, be aware of the power dynamics at play, and do their best to understand the life experiences that are informing a conservation.

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