#109 | Are you ready to meet the expectations of today’s Social Fundraisers?

I have really enjoyed getting to know Kelly and the team at OneCause this fall and am looking forward to partnering with them in the new year. Their recent Social Fundraisers study hit my radar, and I asked Kelly to give our listeners an update on what they uncovered about peer-to-peer fundraising.

With the help of Edge Research, OneCause surveyed more than 1,100 Social Fundraisers in the U.S. to better understand motivators, challenges, and future intentions. What Kelly and her team discovered is that, while the success factors can be many, success in peer-to-peer fundraising is ultimately dependent on the engagement and motivation of the individual Social Fundraisers. They also discovered that, while many studies have evaluated performance data of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, there’s been little insight generated regarding the participants’ point of view and what matters most to them.

If you’d like to download OneCause’ Social Fundraisers study, just go to: https://try.onecause.com/ebook/social-fundraiser-research-study/


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