#111 | In 2020, what three big ideas should fundraising professionals be thinking about?

It was a pleasure to connect today with my friend and collaborator, Jennifer Harris, who describes herself as a Fundraiser, Thinker, Writer and the founder of JH Collective as my first guest this year. We agreed to banter around her three big ideas for 2020. Rather than focusing so closely on the doing, Jennifer encourages fundraising professionals to reflect on the being - what it means to be in this type of work and whether they have what they need in order to do their work in meaningful ways.


Jennifer does a deep dive into what these big ideas mean for our work in 2020. She encourages fundraising professionals to go beyond the barrage of new tips and tricks that are always crowding our inboxes and consuming most conference agendas.


In the second half of our conversation, Jennifer encourages us to be curious about an organization’s culture when interviewing for a new position. I think her suggestion will surprise you. She leaves us all with the question of how we will find greater purpose, become more curious and achieve greater mastery in the new year.


We are very grateful to OneCause for being our new sponsor for this first broadcast in 2020. To learn more about partnering with OneCause, go to http://www.onecause.com/responsive60


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