#113 | What are the insider secrets to an awesome fundraising career?

I met Aimee while I was in Milwaukee for Fundraising Day this fall, and as is often the case, conversations were short; so the chance to reconnect was appreciated. We agreed to compares notes on what we believe are the insider secrets to an awesome fundraising career. To get started, Aimee shared her experiences in larger and smaller shops and the advantages each have afforded her. I appreciated hearing that her journey has not been so much about learning about the organizations but more importantly learning about herself and how she fits into different spaces.

Aimee has found that larger shops offer opportunities to work with teams, more structure and more resources, and more opportunities for advancement. In contrast, smaller shops allow you to focus on individual skill development, to hold greater responsibility for wins and loses, and to learn what is expected of a generalist.

Aimee also shared how we can heal quickly from the usual bumps and bruises. She encouraged us not to take it personally when the boss is unwilling to try new things, but to redirect that energy elsewhere and recognize that these experiences are often just growing pains.

As always, we are very grateful to Kelly and the team at OneCause for being our podcast sponsor.

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