#114 | How do we curb fundraising’s appetite for technology-based solutions?

After only crossing paths at conferences, it was great to connect with Steven for a meaningful conversation. As the Chief Engagement Officer at Bloomerang, one of fundraising’s most admired CRM companies, Steven is asking some bold questions in his forthcoming book, Robots Make Bad Fundraisers. My conversation with Steven begged the question of how much is technology to blame for our challenges in fundraising. It was evident in our conversation that Steven hopes to curb our profession’s appetite for technology-based solutions.

What I appreciated about Steven’s insights were the questions he aims to tackle in his new book. For example, are we leaving too much of the donor retention process to automation, and what responsibility do vendors have for fueling our technological cravings? Is it fair to say that our constant search for margins encourages vendors to create solutions that foster a culture that is reliant on arms-length fundraising tactics?

What was certainly hopeful and inspiring was the notion that, if fundraising were to take this opportunity seriously enough, it may be one of the few places beyond our closest relationships where we can find the personal touch that only a human being can provide.

As always, we are grateful to OneCause for being our sponsor for this episode of The Fundraising Talent Podcast.

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