#120 | Are nonprofits ready for the rising generation of intentional fundraisers?

Earlier this week, Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE and I began a conversation about what he considers to be the makings of a perfect storm in the nonprofit sector. Tim left us with the notion that we need to begin grappling with the fact that our roles are more than just fundraising and that, by operating solely in that box, we prohibit ourselves from making the impact that we can and should be.

As a continuation of our conversation earlier this week, this second half offers a more optimistic outlook to what our opportunities might be in the future; namely, the rising generation of intentional fundraisers who will enjoy a very different career pathway that those of us who have come before them.

These individuals arrive on the scene with greater clarity of their role, the foreseeable challenges they will encounter, the opportunities that are available, and the expectations they should have of their employers. Whereas my generation and those older than me entered the field much less deliberately, and carried with us loyalties to other professions, this rising generation is much more intentional about the work at hand and less dependent on another professional domain.

Once again, we are very grateful to OneCause for being our sponsor.

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