#121 | Where should the most experienced fundraising professionals spend their time?

It was a pleasure to have Travis back again as our guest on The Fundraising Talent Podcast. Previously Travis provoked our thinking about whether commissions make sense as a way to compensate fundraising professionals. I will include a link to that conversation in the comments. This time we once again glean insights from the sales profession and consider what might be gains for those of us in fundraising.

Travis asks why we position new fundraisers with new donors and whether re-orienting their time and focus towards existing donors might offer some advantages. Travis really got me thinking about some of the advice that I have routinely given to organizations who want to develop younger fundraising talent.

The question our conversation raises is whether the most experienced fundraisers should necessarily be focusing their time on stewarding relationships with existing donors. It also raises the question of what type of metrics we might be using to evaluate the performance of those who spend the majority of their time renewing the same level of support from an organization’s most committed donors.

As always, we appreciate OneCause for being our sponsor.

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