#122 | Are nonprofits effectively leveraging their teams to increase fundraising capacity?

It’s always interesting to listen to fundraising professionals who I know are actively in the trenches every day and to hear how they are characterizing our profession’s opportunities and challenges. My recent conversation with Chris had me recognizing that many of our opportunities are with the individual fundraiser or the supervisor but, in fact, in the team dynamics that emerge between them. It was evident in Chris’ description of his experience that his role as a member of a team has been very meaningful and has informed how he thinks about fundraising.

Chris and I kicked off our conversation with the question of whether nonprofit organizations are effectively leveraging their teams. I shared with Chris that I often see team members coming to the table with different assumptions about what it is they should be contributing and different expectations of what others should contribute. I really appreciated that we wrapped up by contemplating the idea that a good team should always be able to collectively discern which opportunities they should and should not pursue.

Once again, we are very grateful to OneCause for being our sponsor!


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