#127 | What can nonprofits learn about joy and authenticity from political fundraising?

This was the most enlightening conversation I have had in my more than twenty years of fundraising for nonprofit organizations about the comparisons with political fundraising. I was eager to have Scott on the podcast with me this week especially as he was able to pull back the curtain on what makes political candidates successful when it comes to their fundraising efforts. 

I was first very intrigued to learn more about how a campaign manager will sit with a candidate and coach them through the process of making calls to donors. Rather than leaving them alone in an office only to dread the next call more than the last, the campaign manager sits with the candidate as an encouragement and support throughout the process. 

I was similarly intrigued with how Scott described those candidates who are most successful in fundraising. He has found that those who find joy in the work and are most authentic are also the most successful with fundraising. I enjoyed wrapping up the conversation with Scott by comparing notes on who the most and least joyful and authentic candidates are today, and you might be surprised to hear who made the top of his list.

As always, we are very grateful to OneCause for being our sponsor!

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