#132 | How do we keep fear from undermining our fundraising efforts? Part 2, Klementina Sula

Today’s conversation with Tina is the next in a seven-part series about how to ensure that the success of our fundraising efforts are not undermined by fear, anxiety, and worry. We will ask each of our guests to share their thoughts about the current reality and its foreseeable effects on fundraising and the nonprofit sector.

Should we cancel our upcoming event? Should we mail that appeal letter? Should we call our major donors? Should we be spending or preserving resources? These are all very important questions to be asking ourselves at such a time as this. And these are the same questions that thousands of charitable organizations are asking themselves this week.

I am very grateful for my network of colleagues who have agreed to be a part of this series. Keep in mind, we haven’t asked them to have to all the right answers; just to assure us that we are not alone, that our missions are vitally important to our communities, and that it is at times like these that getting fundraising right becomes critically important.

We are grateful to OneCause for being the sponsor of The Fundraising Talent Podcast.

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