#139 | Are fundraising professionals allowing the primitive side of our brain to take over?

I suspect that for a lot of us these last couple of weeks have been especially trying; many of us have been challenged with things that we have not previously experienced. We are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and are finding ourselves easily passing judgement on ourselves and others. Speaking for myself, I recognized about two weeks ago that the current reality in our world was getting the best of me; I made poor decisions and conjured up for myself all sorts of fear and worry.

Rather than stick to our original script, Kay and I agreed that she could demonstrate for our listeners what a real coaching session might sound like using my experiences as the lens for our conversation. Kay left us with the question of whether at times such as these, are fundraising professionals allowing the primitive side of their brain to take over. Kay got us wrestling with whether we are inclined to be especially judgmental of ourselves and others during difficult times and how that judgement translates into behavior.

As always, we are extremely grateful to OneCause for being our sponsor.

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