#144 | What types of ethical questions should fundraising professionals be asking right now?

I tend to think that most professional groups welcome the opportunity to banter around ethical dilemmas when times are good yet quick to toss all such convictions out the window when times get complicated and messy. I certainly don’t believe fundraising is any exception. This is why I was eager to tackle some ethical questions with my colleagues Clay Buck and Cherian Koshy. The three of us kicked off today's conversation with the more general question of whether organizations should be ratcheting up or dialing back their fundraising efforts during times such as these.

What I most wanted to hear from these guys was whether some ethical questions were more pertinent than others during hard economic times. For example, is the latest iteration of Giving Tuesday, #GivingTuesdayNow, necessarily the most timely and appropriate way to raising funds right now? In my mind, this sort of question challenges us to contemplate not simply whether we should be asking but rather how and from whom we should be asking. Clay and Cherian were certainly not lacking in opinions on this toppic and I suspect many of our listeners will have opinions as well.

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