#158 | What important lessons have fundraising professionals learned during the pandemic?

You're not going to want to miss this first of two back-to-back conversations with Rachel Muir, CFRE. Today we are going to kick off our conversation with the important lessons that Rachel believes we have learned during the current pandemic. On Thursday morning, Rachel will be back again to share with us her forecast of where she believes the fundraising profession is heading in the year ahead. If you’re not familiar with Rachel and her work, be sure to check out this recent interview in Forbes where she shared her thoughts about how to best prepare ourselves for the challenges of working during Covid-19.

As I mentioned during the introduction, we would like to invite all our listeners to discover how the four frameworks can help your organization create an environment where fundraising can thrive. Based on insights drawn from behavioral economics, complexity science, and cognitive psychology, these four planning models offer a more holistic and human-centered perspective of fundraising rather than the reductionist and mechanical approach that originated from public relations and marketing. For more information, go to https://responsivefundraising.com/workshops

As always, we are grateful to the team at OneCause for sponsoring The Fundraising Talent Podcast.

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