#165 | Student Project, Part 1 | What does non-profit leadership look like for women around the globe?

Because of the pandemic, one of my students at York College of Pennsylvania was unable to complete her summer studies abroad in Japan. As part of her alternative course of study, we agreed that she would interview four women who had experience leading nonprofit organizations in other parts of the world. With the help of several previous podcast guests, we were able to identify four volunteers who had experience leading nonprofit organizations in Syria, Korea, Argentina and Germany. While each of the four interviews was unique and revealed a different story, the outcome of these conversations has provided Rizza with valuable insight in what it’s like to be a woman in leadership in today's nonprofit sector.

In this particular interview, Rizza interviewed Miriam Wagner Long whom I had the pleasure of attending graduate school with more than a decade ago. Miriam is Partner and CEO for a fundraising consultancy in Germany and is also a board member of Deutscher Fundraising Verband. Miriam was very generous with her observations about fundraising, her experiences in the field, and some of the challenges she has encountered when assisting clients seeking to increase their fundraising capacity. 

As I mentioned during the introduction, we would like to invite all our listeners to discover how the four frameworks can help your organization create an environment where fundraising can thrive. Based on insights drawn from behavioral economics, complexity science, and cognitive psychology, these four planning models offer a more holistic and human-centered perspective of fundraising rather than the reductionist and mechanical approach that originated from public relations and marketing. For more information, go to https://responsivefundraising.com/workshops

As always, we are grateful to the team at OneCause for sponsoring The Fundraising Talent Podcast.

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