#94 | Will the emerging generation of fundraising professionals be better supervisors?

I tend to be much more optimistic after conversations like the one I recently had with Megan Warlin. Our conversation left me curious whether the rising generation of fundraising professionals will be better prepared for supervisory roles. Megan’s enthusiasm and determination may be what it takes to remedy some of the challenges we face. As much as we’d like to think that the fundraiser is largely to blame for high turnover rates, my observations suggest that supervisors factor in a lot more than we think.


Megan was among those who spent the day with me at Fundraising Day Wisconsin. During my presentations, I introduced the KPI card; the last of the four fundraising frameworks. I was encouraged to hear that she has shared this card with some of her colleagues. As I shared with Megan, this card was originally designed in effort to improve the coaching skills of those who supervise fundraisers. The KPI card encourages users to shift their focus from outputs to inputs and can change how fundraising is understood, carried out, and evaluated within an organization.


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