Are you a reluctant fundraiser?

A consistent theme in my conversations lately is that fundraisers need to be more diligent in determining who they work for and knowing whether they’re signing on for a job in which they can successful or one from which they will end up resigning in less than two years. It occurs to me that my conversation today with Cindy about her new book Raise It! The Reluctant Fundraiser's Guide to Raising Money Without Selling Your Soul may be a great place to begin improving this level of discernment. Cindy’s book raises asks whether we can effectively rewire our brains to address the reluctancies we have towards fundraising. Cindy insists that rewiring how we think about fundraising is the only way to ensure we’re getting in front of our donors in meaningful ways, enjoying the work, and securing extraordinary gifts that advance our missions. 

What was perhaps most thought provoking about today’s conversation was the question of whether we should stay put when we find ourselves working for a reluctant fundraiser. Cindy challenged my thinking with the observation that some of the most reluctant CEO’s are also heads of organizations that are doing the most important work. Rather than bailing on the job, perhaps we need to ensure that the boss is willing to properly elevate our role and demonstrate a willingness to get out in the field with us where they can begin to dismantle some of their flawed assumptions.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Cindy’s new book, visit this link and be sure to use the coupon code responsive to get ten-percent off.

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