Can fundraisers create an equation that increases giving?

I have enjoyed getting to know Brian and am eagerly awaiting the next time I’m in Indy so that, as we did just months before the pandemic, we can enjoy great food and drinks as we banter about how to fix all of fundraising’s problems. Brian, now Vice President for Research at RNL, has been an annual giving and major gift officer and hosts the Fundraising Voices podcast. Lately, he has been asking if we can build an equation that increases giving? As Brian shared with us today, the donation equation combines six factors drawn from top industry insights that have been shown to increase the chance a donor will give to your organization.

Rather than getting too deep into the weeds on Brian’s equation, I asked whether his equation could contribute to what I believe is the emergence of a field approach to developing fundraising expertise. Because of the nature of our work, and noting where fundraisers say they have had their most valuable learning experiences, I see evidence that many of us are tossing out the early twentieth century guide to professional development and choosing alternative paths to mastering our craft. I’m routinely hearing that, rather than being enchanted by the highly-technical wizardry that is easily taught in the classroom, many young professionals would prefer a more hands-on approach that is complemented by tools like Brian’s which can facilitate learning in the field.

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