#86 | How will the Open Data Movement change our fundraising practices?

After coming across some online discussions that Steve Grimes was a part of relating to the open data movement, I was interested to learn more. Steve has become an advocate and routinely speaks to nonprofit audiences about the subject. The underlying belief is that some data should be freely available for everyone to use without all the mechanisms of control. The goals of the open-source data movement are similar to those of other open-source movements such as open-source software, open content, open ed, open gov, open knowledge, open access, and open web.

My conversation with Steve begs the question of what will our response as fundraising professionals will be to this movement. As Steve shared, the information that he is encouraging New York City charities to access eliminate some of the barriers that we’re accustom to. My discussion with Steve sheds some light on the “new power” dynamics that are beginning to transform how we understand and go about our work. What I also appreciated about Steve’s insights was the notion that we have created myths about the real power of data and that as the profession continues to mature, we will better ensure that data is given the most appropriate and productive place in our overall strategies.

If you’d like to register for the next stop on the How Fundraising Really Works roadshow, click here. We are very grateful to The Gateway School, just blocks from Lincoln Center and Central Park, for being our host for this event on October 10th.

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